What I’m about…

Creative, enthusiastic Art Practice graduate looking to pursue a career in the Film and Theatre industry. I am a confident painter. I enjoy prop making. I have volunteered at CTS and made many props for different productions. I love practical work and solving problems. I have many skills within the art industry and I cant wait to improve and add to them. I am also interested in exhibiting my artwork. I love painting and thinking of interesting concepts for artwork.

My Work

My favourite Genre is Still Life. I am interested in objects and the meanings of objects. During my degree my work was based around charity shop items and the mystery that lay behind the objects. I loved the fact that the objects I used in my work were possessions that have been thrown out. They are unwanted. I linked this concept to memento mori. I would love to still work with objects and memento mori however, I am interested in moving away from charity shops and maybe look at my own possessions. I am also interested in the idea of sentiment.

My Experience In The Charity Shop

As an Art Student my experience at Age Cymru has been influential and has given me an insight into the running of the charity. This has been an important experience which has played a crucial role in my practice.

As a local artist I want my work to reflect the local society. I found that charity shops play an important part in the local area. The shops also reflect the people who live there. I find this an interesting concept. The work that I create also explores the concept of luxury. What is luxury? How do we represent luxury? And why does our idea of luxury change? For my practice I buy objects from charity shops from the local area and use them in my work. I mostly use shoes, glass objects, bags and hats as these objects appeal to me. I find the contrast between opaque and transparent objects very interesting. The transparent objects create a layering effect which works well in my work. The use of colour is also important to work.

My first experience with Age Cymru was very successful. Through an art project I created a painting which was displayed in the window of the shop. I worked alongside Rhodri Welsh. The Project was a great experience and through the media, the shop and I achieved publicity. My painting was featured in the Caerphilly observer. This was the first time my work had featured in the local press.

Through a photography project in university I came back to the charity shop to work as a volunteer; this would help me to create work related to the charity shop and understand how the shop worked. Also I learned about the important roles that the volunteers have. The charity would not function as well without these volunteers. As my time as a volunteer I have learned how to tag items, Steam items and work at the till. I have also learned about the benefits of gift aided items to the charity. While working at the charity shop I have tried to experience all the different roles of the volunteers. As these different experiences give me a better understanding which I can use in my work.

Carrying on from the photography project I continued to visit the charity shop and work as a volunteer. Being an artist I have created displayed throughout the shop. It is great experience for me to learn the skills of display. I will be using the photos of my displays for my practice.

I intend to continue to volunteer in the future. I hope my work can benefit from the experiences I have gained and grow to reflect the work of the volunteers which is crucially beneficial to the charity.